Dictators’ favorite: 1965 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman


The Mercedes-Benz W100 series, especially in Pullman or Grosser configuration, was the favorite car of many jet-set people but also of many infamous dictators like Pol-Pot, Tito, Kim Il Sung and many others. This car needs a mighty 6.3 liters 8V engine to move its 2.8 tons mass (dry), covering an overall lenght of 6.24 meters (246 inches). This car is also fitted with a complex hydraulic system, working at 2,176 psi, which serves to suspensions, side windows, door locks, sunroof and boot lid.


This particular car is said to have been imported from U.S.A. to Netherlands in 2007 (see the blue California plate), and that it still has the original paint.


The seller says also that interiors have been redone (we think seats only) and that the Hydraulic system has been overhauled (with invoices available): we hope it for the next owner as these car are as expensive to fix now as they were when new. Engine would not be a problem as these ’60’s engines are rock solid. Find it for sale with the higher offer at  €33,000 (today $43,500) here in Aalsmeer, Netherlands. Thanks to dutch reader Frans for this suggestion!

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