Dino wannabe: 1968 Moretti 125 GS 1.6


This rare Moretti 125 really reminds the Fiat Dino breed: actually the front clip is almost identical to the Fiat Dino Spider while the side line is similar to the coupè. This car is equipped withe the rock solid Fiat twin cam 1.6 litre engine, which is rated at 90 h.p.


The seller doesn’t say if the car is a survivor or a restored one, but the overall impression is of a super sharp car, both above and under. Undercarriage is very clean: no signs of rust can be spotted.


Interiors are charming as only Italian period ones can be. Not only they are complete, but they’re perfect too. Considering the rarity and the overall aspect of the car, we think that the asking price is fair. Find it for sale at €26,000 (today $34,000) here in Palmela, Portugal.


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