Raging japanese: 1969 Honda S800 coupé


It’s not easy to find a good Honda S800, it’s harder to find an lhd specimen and it’s even harder to find one in Europe. This model is provided with a 800cc. engine which revs up to 8500 rpm. A 67 hp power output from a street, not-turbocharged, 800cc. engine, it’s a remarkable achievement even nowadays: think about it back in 1969.


The seller says that this car has its original black plates and papers. It is for sale toghether with two wheels sets. Now the engine is disassembled and waiting for a valve guides rebuilding: the car will be sold as is.


We can’t see any undercarriage photos; however the car seems in very good conditions both inside and outside. The seller has provided a driving clip too. Find it for sale here at €10,000 (today $13,000) in Milano, Italy.

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