The last job: 1969 Fiat 125 S “Samantha” by Vignale


This 125S Samantha has been registered few months before the car accident in which Alfredo Vignale, an absolute protagonist of the car history, passed away in November 1969: this model is basically his last creation.


So, his style heritage is still impressed in this car which was built upon the Fiat 125 platform: this is not the first Samantha published here so it’s useless to repeat all the features and the history of this model: what really matters is that it is a rare car, pushed by a brilliant and reliable twin cam, 1600 c.c. engine.


This particular car is said to be, probably, the only one imported in Switzerland (when new), to have ‘guaranteed’ 119,067 kilometers (it would be interesting to understand how they can guarantee that) and to have matching engine and transmission. We don’t go crazy for the red shade on this car but, hey, it is still one of 100 cars made. Find it for sale at CHF 56,500 (today $56,500) here in Root, Switzerland. Thanks to “prooF_75” for the tip!


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