Three seater: 1950 Fiat 1500E Cabriolet “Riviera” By Stabilimenti Farina


Yep, the name of ths car is quite long and the car which it belongs to is quite rare: probably the only one in the U.S.A. an one of the very few made at the beginning of the fifties.


Finding this car at 6,000 miles from where it was built is indeed odd, given the number of the cars like this made by Farina, but the good thing is that the car isn’t rotten even though it was clearly a bit abused in the past: the front suspensions have been replaced, the external trims are gone but rare parts like the instruments and the soft top frame are there.


Some parts have been replaced then, however there are still few original parts that come with the car (front suspensions, for instance), half seat is missing along with the original wheels and the engine: this means a huge restoration job that could span over three or four years but, at the end of the day, when do you think you’ll find another one? Find it for sale at $69,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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