Unknown: 1955 Fiat 500C Barchetta by Orlandi


Orlandi built cars? Never heard of it before. So, we did a check on the book “La Sport e i suoi artigiani” which is the most important book eve made about the italian cars, but no trace of this car.


And yet, Orlandi was a known coachbuilder specialized in building truck and coaches but we didn’t know they built cars too. This car is said to be built upon a Fiat 500C chassis and engine, and it still wears the “Orlandi” badge on the passenger front fender.


We actually believe that this is the only car of is breed, probably built on demand by a gentleman racer who wanted to race it in the lowest class (the car has a 569 c.c. engine) and it would be interesting to find a period photo of the car. The seller doesn’t say much about it but for sure the skin of the car is made of aluminium just like a barchetta is supposed to be: the car seems in good conditions but the photos are not adequate to show the car in detail. Find it for sale at €43,000 (today $51,300) here in Desenzano del Garda, Italy.


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