You spin me round: 1967 Porsche 911S 2.0


Porsche 911 are famous because of their inclination to oversteer if not driven properly. Swb 911 are the best in this job but they’re so charming as well. The seller says that this car has benefitted by a bare restoration and that it has been rebuilt according to FIA specifications, including a FIA approved roll bar.


The seller says also that this car comes with two gearboxes (one with short ratio gears) and many other accesories. The overall look of the car is simply great, although not completely correct.


Interiors are modified according to the race philosophy, but they’re not molested. Nice to see the original gauges which have the “356” look. Not a cheap car, but neither so expensive, considering that it’s an S type swb. Find it for sale at €67,000 (today $86,500) here in Paris, France.


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