Rally queen: 1970 Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF “Fanalone”


Lancia stopped its rally career in 1992: that’s incredible but it still is the greatest rally championships winner with 11 times. Part of this record is due to this car, called “Fanalone” (“big headlight”) because the rally cars needed bigger headlights for night special stages. The seller says that the engine number of this car is certified by Lancia register and that all things work perfectly. It is supposed, because of the yellow hedlights, that this car should have been sold new in France. With the exception of the ugly side view mirror, the overall aspect of the car is very good and correct.


Engine too seems correct and with the right colors. Probably there will be some imperfections not known by us, but whatever they are they will be acceptable at this asking price.


Interiors are nearly perfect and include the original steering wheel and the marvelous sport front seats. Must say that the asking price is lower of $10,000 (more or less) than the average asking price for a very good car like this. Find it for sale at €43,500 (today $58,000) here in Chambéry, France.

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  1. Stefano says:

    Still in sale?


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