Bug on steroids: 1948 Pontiac 8 Streamliner Coupé


The bigger, the better: this is what’s befittingly to this car. This car features a magnificent streamline design and a color which perfectly matches all those curves. This car is much more cute in this two door version as the tail is perfectly joined with the roof line and then softly slopes towards the rear bumper. This car is moved by a straight-8, 250 cubic inches engine through an Hydramatic transmission (starting from 1948).


This particular car is loaded with many optionals like rear screen wipers, heater, fog lamps, radio and so on. This profile is due to the air ride system which makes this car ride low, very low.


The seller says that the interiors are pretty original with some exception for the front seat which maybe has been redone in past years: The seller says also that the paint is old, although not original, and it shows some flaws but it’s good at all. There are also a lot of papers wich come along with the car, including the original factory invoice. Find it for sale at $19,750 here in Temecula, CA.


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