Rough steel: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

There are still some around in unrestored condition, but here comes the dilemma: spend the money on the restoration or buy a restored one?

Between the two alternatives, at the end of the day, there is no difference. Differently from a few years ago, when original spare parts could be found (much better than that crap produced in some basement and sold for its weight in gold) at an acceptable price, today the spare parts for these Alfa Romeos are very expensive and difficult to find. and I can assure you from direct experience that a complete restoration can become a bloodbath (financially speaking).

Therefore, the discriminating factor must not be the (alleged) savings, but the trade-off between the pleasure of driving the car right away or waiting two years but with the pleasure of seeing it flourish again to its former glory. Well, this car looks like a good basis for the second option: we don’t know chassis and engine numbers, but you can clearly see the two original DCO3 carburettors (very good sign), and the car looks run down but not a scrap to be recycled: the photos show it before being disassembled and it seems that now it has been sandblasted: the decision is up to you. Find it for sale at €40,000 (today $45,000) here in Padova, Italy.


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