Four lights, twin cam: 1961 Alfa Romeo “Romeo 2 Autotutto”

If you were told twenty years ago that, one day, you could sell this van for the price it is asking now, you would probably be laughing. But times – and values – change.

In fact, these Alfa Romeo vans have undergone a much greater price hike than other cars of the brand such as the Giulietta Spider or Sprint (with the exception of the Veloce belonging to the first series), especially if they belong to this particular series and above all, as in this case, if impeccably restored with this “Assistence Corse” livery.

This example (Chassis AR 186154 – Engine AR 4004 03177) has been sold at least twice over the past five years, increasing its value each time.This Romeo 2 was used early in its life by “Protezione Civile”, an Italian organization that fights natural disaster, but during the restoration it was painted in the typical livery of the factory racing support. The conditions are exceptional and it also has an opening sunroof: you will not go unnoticed at the next Alfa Romeo meeting you attend. By the way, thanks to Fluc for the tip! Find it for sale at €89,000 (today $100,000) here in Varsenare, Belgium.


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