Citation: 1980 Alfa Romeo Barchetta

According to what the seller writes, this car would like to be a replica of the 1955 Alfa 750 Competizione but, apart from the type of bodywork, it is very different: we consider it more a ‘citation’ than a real replica.

However, there are some appreciable aspects: the seller says that this car was built with the use of a tubular frame on which an aluminum skin is placed: the cockpit is typically for right-hand drive racing and Jaeger-style instrumentation, consistent with the reference period of this car.

The inspiration of the nose, in particular of the headlights, clearly comes from the Alfa Romeo 1900 C custom-built cars built by Ghia in 1953 while the engine has a head with double ignition, a mechanical gem consistent with Alfa Romeo history: it would be nice to know the origin of this head. The seller says this is a project to be finished, looking at the photos it would seem that the remaining work to be done is not much. Find it for sale at €60,000 (today $58,700) here in Alessandria, Italy.


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