Faded black: 1953 jaguar XK120 O.T.S.

The color is black and now opaque while the interior is red: a very nice combo color even if, unfortunately, not original.

In fact, the seller says that, according to the certificate of origin, the original color is Lavender Gray, a color that does not contrast the red as much as black and yet it is nevertheless a rare and very particular color. but the beauty of this car is that it is a typical “barnd find” specimen that shows the signs of aging almost with pride.

It is one of the first examples characterized by an engine (matching numbers) with a displacement of 3.4 liters which is not stuck, and by a three-speed gearbox, enriched by black plates which, however, are not contemporary with the car: the license plates dating back to 1953 should have black letters on a yellow background, but this is a negligible detail. The important things are: it is a complete car, dry and (so it seems) never crashed. Find it for sale at $65,000 (o.b.o.) here in Napa Valley, CA.


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