Less and less: 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

There are fewer and fewer of these cars, and we don’t mean the model so much as the chance of finding one to restore according to your own standards.

But this raises another question: When is a restoration really worth doing? In fact, compared to a few years ago (and we tell you this by direct experience) it has become extremely expensive to restore even cars that are notoriously “easy” to fix: Alfa Romeos have always had this reputation but we assure you that this is not true, and do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise. He lies or does not know what he is talking about.

It therefore remains to be understood from what basis you start because it is what makes the difference between retaining the value of a car after restoration or overturning it financially. This 2600 Sprint seems to us a good base because, and you can see it in the photos of the announcement, the floors are in fair condition and this is important as in the world there are only 1-2 producers of metal sheets for this model. The engine compartment is quite complete as well as the interior and the latter is also good news: every little part matters. Find it for sale at $14,750 here in El Cajon, CA.


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