4,700 Miles: 1977 Volkswagen Typ1 Cabriolet

Yes, we know he is mostly known as “Beetle” but we like to play the part of those who know things from time to time, please forgive us.

So this car has several very interesting features: the first, as the title says, is that it has only 4,700 miles driven new and that it was put to rest in the garage in 1991 and driven more since then. We would be really curious to know why a car only runs 4,700 miles in its first 14 years of life, unless the former owner has had ten other cars besides this one.

The second interesting thing is that this VW Beetle Cabriolet also has the factory installed air conditioning system: we did not even remotely imagine that this could be an optional that could be requested and it is the first time we have ever seen it. The last thing – interesting in a negative way – is how a substantially new car stored indoors can rust like this: the only plausible explanation we give is that it was stored not far from the saltiness coming from the ocean. Find it for sale at $12,950 here in Astoria, NY.


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