Bull horns: 1964 Volvo P1800 S

This is a P1800 that has the letter S on its badge. This does not mean, as you might guess, “Sport” but Sverige, or in English: Sweden, seat of the factory where its production had been moved.

In fact, initially (officially from 1961 to 1963), the production of this car was entrusted to the Jensen Motors factory in West Bromwich, England, which, however, did not have quality standards at the level of those required by volvo so, after only three years, the production contract was terminated and production moved to Sweden.

The cars produced by Jensen Motors can be recognized on the fly for the front bumpers in the shape of bull horns, exactly like those installed on this car which, however, is said to be from 1964, and this would therefore be an inconsistency. But for us this is only apparent: this is most likely a car produced in 1963 and then registered in ’64. Car that appears to be in excellent condition, and we are talking above all about the underbody which appears to be healthy and original. The interior also seems correct and complete and the only area that is most criticized is the engine compartment which should be more cared for: we are not talking about a competition car but a quasi-preserved one with no apparent problems. Find it for sale at $29,500 here in Valley Village, CA.


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