Alternative camping: 1953 Ford Vanette

In the United States, out of 100 recreational vehicles sold, only 10% are motor caravans while the remaining 90% are caravans: probably because, unlike in Europe, there are many pickups to which the aforementioned trailers can be attached.

In Europe, as we said, caravans are 70% of the market, a market where Germany is the European country where more recreational vehicles are registered. It is therefore not surprising that the most famous motorhome built was built by Volkswagen. However, the United States also made their experiments, of which this Ford Vanette is a testimony.

This one in particular dates back to 53 or 54 and, from what we can see, the interior furnishings seem to date back to no later than the early 70s. It is amazing to see how internally the furnishings have all remained practically intact (if we exclude some accumulated dirt) , moreover the seller says that it runs and drives: if you are passionate about nature and have a little budget, this may be the right vehicle for you. Find it for sale at $6,500 here in Villa Park, CA.


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