Flamboyant: 1957 Fiat 1100-103E TV Convertibile

This car is small and, we could say, it is “simply” a Fiat, but in reality it is a very special and rare car.

Even if you seem to have seen many around, in reality you have probably seen the 1200 which, although it has a basically the same bodywork, is distinguished by dozens of details that, if they are missing on this model, are nowhere to be found and, in case you find them , very expensive, starting with the hubcaps that can cost $ 500 each, not to mention other details such as the front arrows, spectacular examples of 50s design.

But everything about this car is unique and therefore finding a perfect and complete 1100 TV Convertible is a rare occurrence. This one, however, has a beautiful combination of colors and a black license plate which, although not original, always makes a good impression. Find it for sale at €64,500 (today $68,500) here in Montecatini Terme, Italy.


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