Tenant of the barn: 1957 BMW Isetta 300

Also in this case – unfortunately – we are faced with a project that ended only in the mind of those who thought it up. In reality we only see a disassembled car.

That the car is disassembled is not a problem in itself, the problem arises when a project is abandoned for years and its parts are scattered around the garage / barn, perhaps moved temporarily and then traces are lost. This is a serious problem especially for small-series cars for which finding many parts is a problem of time, money or both.

In this particular case the engine is there, even if disassembled, however we do not see in the picture all the interior components and many of the exterior such as the headlights: the bodywork is practically bare if we exclude the suspensions and bumpers. However, as always, it depends on the price: if this car comes away at the “right” price the future owner will have the financial room to compensate for all the purchases to be made. Find it for sale here in Ventura County, CA, with bidding at $300 and no reserve price.


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