White sleeper: 1963 Mercedes 230 SL

We have driven a Mercedes Benz w113 class and we must admit that, if the car is in order, it is an experience much closer to that of driving a modern car than you could ever imagine.

This happens for a substantial reason: these cars are built really well, with great attention to detail and a great quality of the materials used. It is no coincidence that at the time this car cost almost twice as much as an Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider which in theory was supposed to be a direct competitor. If you chat with anyone who has restored both of the cars mentioned, we are sure they will confirm what has been said.

The quality mentioned is clearly seen on this 230 SL, one of the very first produced (we seem to see that the chassis number is #112) and still in excellent condition: we doubt this car has ever been restored before, so much so. is that the seller says that it has stopped since 1984. The engine does not start but is not blocked, the interiors are not at the top but not even to be thrown away and the underbody appears solid enough: it must certainly be seen in person but we are convinced that this is a very beautiful survivor. Find it for sale at $38,500 here in Chino, CA.


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