Lowered Bialbero: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce

A lowered stance gives that extra touch to any car, but the look of some cars benefits more from this change.

Clearly we are talking about the set-up of the Giulia Spider that you see published here: it is not only a Giulia but it is also a Veloce, that is one of the few more than a thousand cars produced with these specifications as well as the swan song of the historic family of spiders produced for this specific ten years since the Portello factory.

Probably even at the time designers knew that a lowered suspension gave more charm, but at the time other factors had to be considered such as comfort, which no one wanted to give up, and also the fact that the chassis of the cars did not have such a torsional stiffness as to to be able to cope with very hard springs (necessary in case of lowered suspension). Back to the car, it looks like a car that benefited from a restoration a few years ago: the wheels are alloy replicas, the floor is painted in black (but should be the same color as the body), the engine has an incorrect head, as well as the plenum manifold: we actually don’t know if it’s a type 121 engine and the seller doesn’t mention it. The “1600” badge is missing on the rear lid while the interior, on the other hand, is almost flawless. Find it for sale at $84,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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