Nine seats: 1968 Alfa Romeo F12

It is not the first F12 that we publish and we hope so much that it will not even be the last, although at this rate these vans will be sold at the most renowned classic car auctions in the world.

In fact, these F12s (not to mention the Romeo and Romeo II) have now reached challenging prices, even if still far from their natural competition, namely the Volkswagen Typ 2 (or Bulli, as many call it). Of course these F12s are rarer, especially if in conditions similar to this and with the same equipment: in this case up to nine people can be transported at the same time.

It is difficult to accurately assess the condition of a vehicle just by looking at a few photos, but this seems to be in excellent condition and does not need anything, the paint scheme is very particular, it was probably a vehicle used by some hotel or company to transport guests or employees, and we like it that way. Find it for sale at €39,000 (today $46,000) here in Asti, Italy.


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