Ready to graduate: 1967 Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider

“Duetto”, “Osso di Seppia”, “Boattail”, “Graduate” are all names and nicknames given to this model, probably only the Volkswagen Typ 1 received a greater number of nicknames during its 50 year long production.

So call it what you prefer but we are pretty sure that you know the model well, and many of you also know the fact that it is now quite rare: this car is a 1600 produced in 1967, that is in the first year of sales to the public and therefore should have a chassis number quite “low”: the number seems to be 665132 and corresponds to a Spide produced in that year, so from this point of view everything fits.

The car clearly requires a complete restoration, as also stated by the seller. We imagine that there is a lot of bodywork to be done but in our opinion it could be less than we can imagine: if the car comes from the south or west texas it could hold good surprises. It appears that no part is missing and the car has never suffered serious impacts. Find it for sale at $11,500 here in San Jose, CA.


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