B-Side: 1956 Borrani Record + Pirelli Stelvio set

Classic cars are the focus of our publication, however every now and then a very rare or particularly interesting spare part appears and we therefore feel the obligation to report it to readers.

Today we are talking about a very rare set of record 15-inch Borrani spoked wheels with a 5 “channel: the rarity of this set basically lies in two elements: the first is that they look like wheels that have never been restored and are original and probably used very little since they are new, the second element is that Pirelli Stelvio tires are still mounted on them, miraculously surviving from the 1950s: they also seem in excellent conditions even if, given their age, they are to be used strictly at walking pace while you are participating. at some competition.

The seller says that these wheels (which do not include the hubs) are usable on Alfa Romeo 2600, 2000 and Giulietta Spider 750; the price has not been declared, the only thing the seller says is that it is “demanding”. Find it for sale here in Milano, Italy.


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