Higly original: 1952 Siata 300 BC

This little Italian Barchetta was one of the greatest protagonists of the golden age of the cars called Sport, and it seems to have arrived among us in almost original condition.

The seller Indeed says this car has been in hiding for 45 years during which it has been owned by the same family it is truly shown to the public, in fact it looks like a car that has received few or no modifications over the years although an inspection for verifying what has been said is obviously necessary, as these cars were handcrafted and none were the same in all details.

Certainly the most original part – at least from what can be seen in the photo – and the interior closed by a hood that has most likely been replaced over time, and in fact it is very difficult for a 70-year-old hood to be in this good condition. . In any case, we seem to see that some points of the car have clearly been restored but do not detract from the value of this small Sport of which very few examples now exist. Find it for sale at $325,000 here in the USA.


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