Pick it up: 1971 Fiat 241 T

When it comes to classic pickups, our thoughts automatically goes to vehicles such as the Ford F100 or the Chevrolet 3100, symbols of post-war US motoring.

Yet even in Europe, in enormously smaller quantities and with much smaller engines, similar vehicles were produced: perhaps the most famous is the one built on the basis of the Volkswagen Type 2 but other car manufacturers also tried their hand at the production of these utility vehicles, although the customers destination was very different: while in the USA they were purchased mainly by private individuals living in rural areas, in Europe these vehicles were mostly intended for professional users.

And in fact this Fiat 241T also bears the Agip logo on the doors: at the time it was the largest fuel distribution company in Italy, owned by ENI (the largest Italian oil company). We don’t know exactly what this vehicle was for specifically but it’s nice that it has a clear provenance. The seller says that it has been restored, the 1400cc engine has been rebuilt with the addition of an oversized radiator to prevent overheating and, last but not least, it still has the original title. Find it for sale at €12,000 (today $14,200) here in Mantova, Italy.


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