Rotten but not forgotten: 1955 Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider

The worst choice you can make for a classic car is to try to restore it in your garage: we have seen so many undergo this choice, and in very few cases it has gone well.

This rare B24 Spider (chassis # B24S 1154) is not one of those successful cases: as almost always happens, work has begun, the car has been partially disassembled, some repairs have been made to the bodywork but in reality more harm than good has been done: the original engine has been lost (probably given to some workshop years ago, and forgotten there) and who knows how many details are no longer with the car.

We understand that the intentions were certainly good and that the previous owner (from 1974), now deceased, certainly loved this car very much but the truth is that the best thing for this rare spider would be to have let it rest all together, even if partially rusted. . However, a correct engine has been found to use in the restoration phase and we assume that, despite everything, in two to three years this B24 will once again see its former glory. The car will go up for auction on 18 September, with an estimate of £ 350,000 – 450,000 (today $ 483,000 – 621,000).


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