Good start: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

Since most of the Giulietta Spider 750s have been recovered (indeed, almost all of those that were not reduced to a pile of rusted sheet metal without an engine), it is very unlikely today to find a good 750 to restore.

But unlikely does not mean impossible and in fact here is one that not only is not in pieces, but is also equipped with its original engine and, listen well, also with the induction group characterized by the very expensive pair of Weber DCO3 carburettors which, alone, are worth almost a third of the value of the entire car.

The rest of the car is more than decent if we start from the assumption that it must be fully restored, the floors will most likely need to be rebuilt but the dashboard, steering wheel and seats are in place. There is no windshield and there seems to be no roof frame, but these are all problems that can be overcome with non-astronomical costs. Find it for sale at $37,500 here in Lake Bluff, IL.


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