Paper treasure: The Bertone files

If you were expecting a car today then well, we’re sorry to disappoint you. In fact, we are talking about something much more important than a single car, however important it may be.

We are talking about the other half of the Carrozzeria Bertone assets: the first half was made up of its prototypes and went up for auction about 4 years ago, the second half, consisting of all the company’s documentation from 1921 until its closure in 2014, is up for auction until January 28th. Certainly you cannot make financial speculations on this stuff: it has in fact been subject to particular constraints by the Italian State, and we agree on this approach: everything can be bought by anyone but not sold in pieces and above all the buyer is required to make the documentation available for consultation to anyone who requests it.

The lot consists of 97 boxes containing sketches, drawings, photos, press releases, use and maintenance booklets; 14 boxes containing photos and slides, 42 boxes containing documentation relating to Nuccio Bertone: correspondence with car manufacturers, patents, press releases, etc. In addition, 26 paintings and drawings, leather samples used for car interiors, 9 car mockups and 31 scale models of cars designed by the body shop. A wealth of knowledge that, rightly, should not be lost but made available to all those who believe that the history of the car is a primary component of the twentieth century. Find it here in Milano, Italy.


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