Empty heart: 1960 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider by Touring

The “big spiders” produced entirely in Milan took longer than the Giulietta to enter the hearts of the fans of the brand, but now their value has far exceeded their smaller sisters.

Obviously what has been said is valid under the same conditions: the 2000 version (or type 102) of the Touring-bodied spiders is, from an aesthetic point of view, more beautiful than the 2600, however it is penalized by the 2000 cc four-cylinder engine designed in the 40s, however, the fact remains that it is always nice to watch, especially if it has a color scheme like the one posted here.

In fact, this model, without the engine (and also the gearbox), has a top color combination: the exterior looks like moss green while the interior looks brick-colored and the hood is tan. We don’t know if this pairing is factory original, however it is unquestionably beautiful. If we also consider that the car appears to be equipped with a set of spoked rims, then it is worth spending some time looking for the correct engine to install. Find it for sale at $40,000 here in Ensenada, Mexico.


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