An early one: 1957 Lancia Appia GT by Zagato

We must admit that, if until 4-5 years ago finding some Appia Zagato for sale was a recurring event, for a couple of years now we have been seeing very few of them. The specimen covered by this article is, moreover, a particular version.

It is in fact one of the very few that have taken the stylistic approach of the prototype called “Cammello” (Camel) and is in fact very different from most of the Appia GT built by the Milanese coachbuilder.

In addition to the special bodywork, it is characterized by sports seats, Nardi steering wheel and original black plates; we do not know if it was originally equipped with bumpers, which were later removed, however even without them the car is very nice. The seller also has a photo shoot of the restoration which also includes photos of the car when – probably in the 1980s – it was found in some garage. Unfortunately there’s no price to show here, however we don’t think that the seller will ever join the Black friday. Find it for sale here in Perugia, Italy.


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