The butcher’s car: 1963 Gilbern GT 1800

As fans of classic cars we believe that any car, from the most beautiful and famous to the ugliest and least known, has the dignity of being published. Indeed, often the most “obscure” cars often have an interesting story behind them, often linked to the dream of one or two men. This brand, Gilbern, it is a Welsh car manufacturer from 1959 to 1973 founded by Giles Smith (previously a butcher) and Bernard Friese, a German engineer with experience in fiberglass moldings: as often happens, the name of the company was born from the combination of part of the names of the founders.

The first series of the GT was powered by a supercharged Coventry-Climax engine while the latest ones, like the one published here, were based on the MG B chassis and engine: if you are wondering how rare this car is, it seems that only 280 have been built: imagine how many may have survived. This car in particular is said to have been completely restored: we wonder why the seller has only published two photos: it would have deserved a much more detailed photo shoot. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $29,000) here in Strasbourg, France.


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