Blind horses: 1964 Ferrari 250 GTE

Ladies and gentlemen, they are still out there, perhaps not as many as ten or twenty years ago, but good hunters are able to discover them.

These cars are the last of their kind probably bought forty or fifty years ago by owners born at the turn of the 30s and 40s who followed an often common path: buying for a few thousand dollars, driving, intending to restore them and then, like often happens, life takes over good intentions and the car remains parked for decades until their owner dies.

We do not know if what is described is also correct for this car but, as far as we can see, it is a safe car left to itself for many years and certainly, in the meantime, someone has used some parts for the own personal interests. However, the car is quite complete: the area in which we seem to glimpse the most is the engine compartment where some ancillaries are missing; also, not least, the body looks very solid. Find it for sale at $267,500 here in Astoria, NY.

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