Little red coupé: 1964 Fiat 1500S OSCA Coupé by Pininfarina


It is not the first time that you will hear us say that this car is undervalued, but this is actually an advantage, certainly not a defect.


This is because it is a car with very beautiful lines, advanced from a mechanical point of view (no less than a contemporary Giulietta Sprint, indeed, perhaps more advanced), it bears the thrill of the great Pininfarina who, in fact, has created a scaled version equipped with the Ferrari 250 GTE, also designed by him.


Even if there are no photos of the interior, you can see the Nardi three-spoke steering wheel (original for this series), and camel-colored interiors: the other peculiarity of this coupe is to have very elegant and well-made interiors, characterized by the steering wheel ( as already mentioned) and the two large instruments in front of the driver. The seller only published photos of the exterior, but the car appears to be in excellent condition. Find it for sale at €20,000 (today $23,500) here in Nichelino, Italy.

One thought on “Little red coupé: 1964 Fiat 1500S OSCA Coupé by Pininfarina

  1. I know that the ad says September 1964, but how can this 1500S be from 1964? I believe that the 1500S was made from 1959 to October 1962 and that the 1600S was made from October 1962 to 1966. Does this 1500S have the right radiator grille?


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