Due diligence: 1967 Abarth 1000 TC


This may not even be a real Abarth 850 or 1000 TC (we are not sure, a thorough check must be done) but it remains an interesting project.


The interest is given by the accessories that this car mounts: they seem to come from an Abarth starting with the Jaeger instrument cluster which is worth a lot: we do not know if its value reaches around $ 3,500 as claimed by the seller, but certainly there is talk of four figures. Besides that there are other details to consider.


The seekers are Cromodora made of magnesium, the British mirror is period correct, the oil cooler is the one mounted on the Abarths and today almost impossible to find: what is to be verified is the type of engine (sold with the car but out of it), more other details here and there, but the car is certainly worth the time used for these checks. Find it for sale at $8,900 here in Carpinteria, CA.


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