On the shelf: 1957 Simca Coupé De Ville


The Simca produced between the late 1940s and the late 1950s have always been the subject of our consideration because, simply, they are beautiful cars. Maybe they will not be rockets (in any case, very few cars of that period were) but they have soft and proportionate lines and, above all, have affordable prices: if then you find one in conditions like this, which apparently seem excellent, the game is made.


Clearly ours is a guess: there are only two photos but what you see is: a layer of intact paint, no apparent area of rust, all the external components in their place, including the hubcaps: we do not know the conditions of the floors, engine or interior but let’s assume, with good reason, that it takes only a little effort to put this coupe back on the road. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $16,300) here in Pompaire, France.


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