Twin mouths: 1957 Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint by Touring


No car is custom-proofed, and this 1900 CSS is further proof of this factual reality, an even stronger reality in the 50s and 60s.


As is evident, in fact, the front of this car ( chassis #AR1900C*10306) has been modified: from the classic Alfa scheme consisting of three openings, two horizontal and one vertical, one of its past owners has requested the opening of two “mouths” to which you think (at least that’s what happens to us) to a BMW.


The modification is not limited to the front: the rear hood is also characterized by a kind of “spoiler” applied with screws or rivets: it is important to say that these are not modifications made in recent times: the seller has also published a photo in white and black where the car – already equipped with the changes we see now – is portrayed, and we certainly speak about a photo that dates back at least to the 60s: it is certainly a car that must be observed closely to understand if it hides other peculiar details. Find it for sale at $167,500 here in Astoria, NY.


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