Two for one: 1967 Sunbeam Tiger


There are basically three ways to approach a classic car: buy one in perfect condition, buy a driver to whom you will plan all the necessary chores, or buy a wreck and arrange it according to your wishes.


Certainly the last option often proves to be the most expensive even if, initially, it can give you the impression of being the most intelligent because, in this way, you decide when and how to spend the money for the restoration of the car. The truth is that the restoration of a scrap has only one meaning: that of having your car restored according to your personal quality standards.


In the specific case, the car that needs a restoration is a Sunbeam Tiger, the muscular version of Alpine dedicated to the European market (although many have also been sold in the USA). this car, powered by a 260 CI V8 in the MKI version, and 289 CI in the MKII version produced only in 1967: this car was also produced in 67 but we do not know if it is a more powerful MKII. The car is completely to be restored, it is rusty but it seems quite complete and, last but not least, it is sold together with an Alpine to be used as a donor car. Find it for sale at $13,000 here in Valley Center, CA.


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