‘Vette under the skin: 1955 Woodill Wildfire


Among the various manufacturers who built fiberglass bodies between the 50s and 70s, there was also B.R. “Woody” Woodill a Willys dealer from Downey, California.


He started to build two specials, one for him and one for a customer, the cars were completed in time for the ’52 Los Angeles Motorama and they had a great success so Woody was unexpectedly inundated with order inquiries: it is said that 90 Wildfires were built back then, based on Ford components. Today, it seems that about 15 survive.


This car in particular belonged to the same owner from 1955 to 2013: in the early 70s he modified the car to accept several Chevrolet Corvette components including a 396 V8. In addition he built a custom frame using the independent rear suspension of a 1963 Corvette with a later Chevrolet front end suspension. Once discovered, the car has been basically ground-up rebuilt. Find it for sale a $49,000 here in Little Rock, AS.


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