The strange sister: 1969 VW-Porsche 914/6 “Murene” by Heuliez


It is not a novelty that we love to see today classic cars which we did not even know existed on the contrary, we believe that most of you did not know it.


Unless you have visited the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart during the period when this car appears to have been exhibited: in addition to the mseo, this car was exhibited for the first time at the 1970 Paris auto show, of which the seller has published a photo that we have proposed.


The seller says that the car is accompanied by the documentation of the Heuliez coachbuilder and a 1/8 scale model that reproduces the same car. We cannot say that, aesthetically, this is the most beautiful 914 that we have seen, however for a collector the history of the car has a great importance and often this is even more important than the beauty itself: certainly, driving this 914 , you will not go unnoticed at the next Porsche rally. ind it for sale at €195,000 here in Strasbourg, France.


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