Not abused: 1973 Ford Bronco


We like off-road vehicles (after all, it is difficult to find a classic two, three or four-wheel vehicle that does not arouse our interest) but clearly it is more difficult to find a classic off-road vehicle for sale because up to 40 years ago very few were produced.


In the USA there was Jeep and Ford, in Europe Land Rover, Alfa Romeo and Fiat (the last two in enormously lesser quantity than the first), in Japan Toyota. We may have omitted some of them but, basically, the off-road vehicle was considered a specialized vehicle and as such sold in small numbers compared to sedans, coupes, wagons and utility cars. The Ford Bronco, however, has seen its popularity steadily increase over the past 10 years, alongside the Toyota FJ.


This Bronco in particular is said to be equipped with the U152 4,900 GVW Heavy Duty package, in addition to being one of the most solid Bronco in Texas, also because it has lived its entire life in dry climates. The original Copper Metallic paint has been retouched only in some places, on the roof there is a light layer of rust, but no holes. The seller wrote a long and detailed description to read carefully, perhaps the biggest flaw of this vehicle lies in not having its original 302 ci engine, but a Windsor 351. Find it for sale at $35,000 here in Driftwood, TX.


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