Perfect recipe: 1967 Fiat Dino Spider 2.0


Beauty is there, the engine is there, the spider bodywork is there, the engine noise is not lacking: there are all the ingredients to define a great classic car.


A great classic car that until ten years ago passed from hand to hand at the price that today has a well restored GT Junior. For heaven’s sake, there is nothing to suck about, what we have always been amazed at is how a car like this, especially in its 2.4-liter version, has always been a Fiat in the collective imagination; if this car had only had a ferrari badge on the front hood, we would now be talking about ten times higher figures.


In any case, this Dino Spider 2.0 is certainly not the best you can find on the market: the central console is completely missing, the dashboard has been restored in a cheap way, the paint will be far from perfect and the car has in general a somewhat modest appearance, however it seems dry and all in all correct. Find it for sale at $74,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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