Masculine imperfection: 1987 Buick Grand National GNX


Each car model is the synthesis of an era and the geographical area in which it was designed: the Buick Grand National certainly represents the USA of the 80s.


In reality the lines of this car date back to the late 70s but they are already the forerunners of the stylistic trends of the 80s: the general appearance of this car is a perfect mixing of Supercar and Darth Vader (Star Wars), while the V6 Turbo engine undoubtedly recalls the engine architecture of the Formula One of those years. The interiors have a “plastic” and “boxy” and “velvety” design so they’re perfectly compliant with the era of the car which, in this special version called GNX which has 300 hp, was built in only 547 specimens.


GNX is for “Grand National Experimental” and its engine was designed in collaboration with McLaren: believe it or not, in acceleration on 400m this car is faster than an F40. This specimen in particular is said to have only 9,000 miles since new and seems completely original in all parts (at least the visible ones): the seller says that the only defects concern the passenger side mirror and the electric antenna that are not working. Find it for sale for $ 86,500 here in Dallas, TX.


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