Reflections: 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE/GTO Replica


Anything in front of a mirror produces an image that is identical to itself but is not real. What we have here is not the real thing, but it can be touched and driven.


Like other 250 GTEs, even the one (chassis # 4119GT) that gave birth to this recreation / clone / replica or whatever you want to call it, the donor car has been stripped of most of the components to be rebuilt with aluminum: we don’t know which Italian coachbuilder made the job but the result seems very correct and proportionate. It seems that the work was done in 1987, a time when you could buy a real GTO with “just” 5 million dollars.


Considering the purchase and the work done, probably at that time this replica cost a tenth of that amount and, given the result, it seems to have been a good deal. Certainly the gap between the cost of “real” and “fake” has increased by an order of magnitude so this car is still a good deal for those who, despite being rich, cannot afford to spend dozens of millions: after all, the engine block is of the correct type 168. Find it for sale at $965,000 here in Eschenbach, Germany.


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