Green growl: 1973 Porsche 911 RSR clone


We haven’t published a 911 for a long time, right? Well we know that many of you are not happy with this but we want to please everyone.


As already mentioned in the title, this is not one of the very few real RSRs built in the magnificent 1970s but a clone of it (based on the chassis of a 911 from 1973) which, like other clones, reproduces its distinctive exterior features such as the front, the widened mudguards and the “duck tail” rear wing. The engine is instead a 3.6-liter unit taken from a 964 of the early 90s: not very powerful but very rich in torque.


In reality we must take the concept of “very powerful” very carefully: 250 hp are not too many for a sports car but if you think that this car weighs at most 2500 pounds, those 250 hp take a completely different perspective. For the rest, the seller has said very little but by eye it looks like a clone built very well, with great attention to detail and in this sense we agree with the seller: at the price in which it is for sale you would not be able to build one like this. Find it for sale at $95,000 here in Costa Mesa, CA.


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