1 of 74: 1968 Bristol 409


This car is much more beautiful than it actually appears in these photos, and is also powered by a muscular Chrysler 318 engine.


It is in fact a Bristol 409 of 1968 (in reality we believe that ’68 is the date of US registration since this model was built until ’67) produced, from what the owner says, in only 74 units. In fact, many sources support this number but none of them is official. The car is in the typical state of a restoration just started and never completed.


This state often poses problems as many parts, once dismantled, are lost in 80% of cases when a long time goes by, and this car has been in this condition since the end of the 1980s, so it is partially incomplete, however for an English car there is always the possibility of recovering the missing parts quite easily. Find it for sale at $24,995 here in Encino, CA.


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