Considerable repair: 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider by Touring


There are causes for which it is certainly worth fighting regardless of everything and everyone, while others require a careful cost-benefit analysis.


Now, we don’t know if this Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider belongs to the first or second category mentioned because this is an objective choice only partially, then there is an irrational part which then is the one that leads us to venture into a company like this.


You all see the negative side immediately: rust everywhere and, although it is “passable” on the bodywork, we believe that the floors are completely rotten; this can be a problem because for the 2600 the spare parts market is much more restricted compared to the 750, 101 or 105 series. The positive side is that the car seems complete: some details will certainly be missing but from what we seem to see , the important things are all there, including the hardtop. Find it for sale at $27,000 here in Dallas, TX.


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