Still underdog: 1969 Fiat 124 Spider


We would not do our job if, in addition to indicating the most particular classic cars for sale in the world, we would not report any car “less particular” but nevertheless interesting.


The car in question is, as you can see, the Fiat 124 Spider which has a less noble pedigree than that of a contemporary Duetto, however it is not aesthetically worse than the car built in Arese and, from a purely technical point of view, it does not have nothing to envy of the latter.


The 124 Spider has a beautiful line designed by Pininfarina, disc brakes on all four wheels and a 1400 c.c. DOHC engine under the bonnet other than, of course, being a spider; it is a perfect recipe that at the time was met with some success, certainly much more in the 1400 displacement than in those of 1600 and 1800 c.c. (the latter is the rarest of the three): at this time this model is still slightly undervalued, so if you want to get your hands on it, maybe on a specimen like this here that needs a restoration but it’s a good starting point after all, do it before it’s too late. Find it for sale here in Long Beach, CA, with a starting bod of $2,250 and no reserve price.


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