No sale, no marriage: 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto 1750


It often happens that the passion for one’s car and for one’s wife go into conflict, and in 99% of these cases, the wife always comes out as the winner.


What we illustrate is a case that falls into that 99%. The seller says he owned this car for 28 years but now it’s time to get rid of it: he claims that the last time this was set in motion was five years ago and that leaves us amazed, because we don’t believe that at that time it was in a very different state than now.


The engine still runs, so part of the problem is solved, all of it is a small part because the car needs a big job on the bodywork that has certainly known better times. It seems that many parts have been collected in boxes and that essentially the car is complete, but is sold without DMV but only with a bill of sale. If you dare, bring it on. Find it for sale here in Fremont, CA, with a starting bidding at $0.95.


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