Missing windshield: 1953 Porsche 356 Cabriolet


Older and older: this is the market trend on the Porsche 356 which, in the models prior to ’55, have experienced a real boom in recent years.


Surely the motivation is linked purely to aesthetics: these are slow cars, they do not have a great sound and are and by many considered simply as an “ennobled” Beetle, yet lately the best are pulling stratospheric quotations, and this is why , also the car that we present here, has a price not really “popular”.


The sellere says that it was disassembled thirty years ago and placed into a storage container and then, clearly, abandoned. Of course here you need a very detailed inventory that the seller says he has: the salient points are the lack of the windshield and the engine which, although correct, has an unstamped case: it is sure that a motor installed by a dealer after the original broke. If you are interested and your wallet is swollen, find it for sale at $195,000 here in Dallas, TX.


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